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The VA Home Loan is the very best mortgage available today to those who have earned the benefit. When comparing the pros and cons of the VA Loan to both a conventional loan and an FHA loan you will quickly find out that the VA Loan cannot be beat.

VA Loans require 0% down payment in most cases whereas conventional loans generally require at least a 5% down payment and sometimes up to 20% required. FHA loans require a minimum of 3.5% down.

And with a VA loan, Veterans also do not have to pay any monthly mortgage insurance which cannot be said about a conventional or FHA mortgages. The benefits of the VA…

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The VA refinancing program allows qualified borrowers to lock in a lower monthly rate for the remainder of their VA Loan and/or take out cash from their home’s equity. But you must act quickly as interest rates are at historical lows!

There are a few different ways to lower your interest rate with a VA Loan Refinance, including a VA Streamline Refinance and a Cash Out Refinance. A VA Streamline Refinance, sometimes referred to as an IRRL, allows you to lower your current loan interest rate.

A Cash Out Refinance allows someone who currently has a VA Loan, and has built up equity to cash out part of the loan to pay off bills such as credit cards and/or auto loans.
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Many veterans have already taken advantage of their VA loan benefits. With relaxed qualification standards and more flexibility, it is proven to be the right choice for many to purchase and refinance their homes through this program.

However, in most counties, the conforming loan limit with no money down is $417,000. When your home costs more than this, the solution is the VA Jumbo Loan.

A VA jumbo loan is any VA loan greater than $417,000. Qualifying veterans can apply to purchase or refinance their home for up to a value of $1,000,000 through this type of loan plus receive all of the benefits of the general VA loan.
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“Amazing! That’s what this Veteran had to say about Jed Manuel, VA Loan Specialist (NMLS 223806), and Security America Mortgage!”
Ken and his family’s’ dream came true! See what another Veteran has to say about Dave Mitchell, VA Loan Specialist (NMLS 352672), and Security America Mortgage!
Security America Mortgage helps James and Nellie purchase a home using their VA Loan Benefits. See what this happy couple has to say about their VA Loan Specialist, Susan Moeller (NMLS 894694), and Security America Mortgage!

VA Loan Information

VA Loan Process

va loan processOur team at Security America Mortgage makes every effort to ensure the home buying process as transparent and stress free as possible.

The benefits of a VA Loan

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No down payment requirements, no monthly mortgage insurance AND usually lower interest rates are just a few of the benefits Veterans receive when selecting a VA loan.

Who’s eligible for a VA loan?

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Active service members with at least 90 continuous days of service and Veterans who’ve been honorably discharged from the armed forces can apply for a VA loan. Get started today!

How to apply for a VA loan

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Are you ready to take advantage of your VA loan benefits? If so, it’s simple to start the process and takes only a few minutes. No social security number needed to start!

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VA Loan

  • Eligibility Requirements for a VA Loan
    Service Members and Veterans of the United States Military serving our country earn their VA Home Loan Benefit. The eligibility requirements vary depending on the type and character of your service.
  • There are many benefits to the VA Loan!
    The VA Home Loan is the preferred home loan choice for veterans and active duty military families. The VA Home Loan Program offers less restrictive guidelines and more underwriting flexibility than other types of loan products making it easier to qualify.
  • Learn the – VA Loan Process
    Purchasing a home is an exciting time; it’s when a family can come together a search for a place they can call home. Buying a home is usually the single largest financial transaction a family will ever make, but it is more than just that, it’s an investment in the family and their future.
  • VA Loan FAQs – educating our Military Veterans
    This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • The difference: valoan- VA Loan vs. Conventional is drastic!
    The VA Home Loan is the very best mortgage available today to those who have earned the benefit.  When comparing the pros and cons of both the VA Loan and Conventional Loan you will quickly find out that the VA Loan cannot be beat.
  • What are COEs & DD214s?
    This section discusses what government documents are required to obtain a valoan- VA Loan
  • FHA to VA Refinance
    This section discusses the benefits of refinancing from a FHA mortgage to a VA mortgage- valoan- VA Loan

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VA Loan Benefits

VA Loan BenefitsThe VA Home Loan is the preferred home loan choice for veterans and active duty military families. The VA Home Loan Program offers less restrictive guidelines and more underwriting flexibility than other types of loan products making it easier to qualify.

No Down Payment – VA Loan Benefits

One of the biggest obstacles for homebuyers is saving enough money for a down payment. The burden can be especially difficult for active duty service members who are moving from base to base. Since there is no down payment required for a VA Home Loan, many veterans can purchase a home with little to no money out of pocket.

No Mortgage Insurance – VA Loan Benefits

Since the VA guarantees the lender the top 25 percent of the loan, no mortgage insurance is required. Most conventional loans require a borrower to put down at least 20 percent of the purchase price or pay mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance can be costly and does not ever go towards reducing your principal balance. The VA home loan allows borrowers to have a lower effective interest rate and build equity more quickly than other loans with mortgage insurance.

No Prepayment Penalty – VA Loan Benefits

There are never any prepayment penalties for a VA Home Loan. What a great VA Loan Benefit!  This means that you are free to refinance and take advantage of a lower rate or get cash out without having to pay a penalty to do so. If you are active duty military and frequently move, not having to pay a penalty makes your home that much easier to sell.

Lower Interest Rate – VA Loan Benefits

Because the Department of Veteran Affairs guarantees each loan, interest rates are typically 0.25 to 1 percent lower than those of conventional loans. Additionally, without mortgage insurance, the effective interest rate savings is tremendous.

Seller Paid Closing Cost – VA Loan Benefits

If negotiated, the VA Loan Benefits allows the seller of a property to pay up to four percent of the purchase price towards the veterans closing costs and prepaid items. Negotiating the terms of the contract to maximize your VA home loan benefit should always be done by a qualified real estate professional, such as Security American Realty. If done properly, most veterans can close on their home with little or no money out of pocket.

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Check out v-a.us to learn more about your VA Loan Benefits.  Also check out http://benefits.va.gov/warms/pam26_7.asp